Baja California, Winter 2023

I've had the unique opportunity to work in a diverse range of company sizes and industries from small startups to enterprise level large-scale. I've worked in Comics, Social Media, Publishing, Crypto and now in Fintech. I've been able to learn and grow from each experience.

Currently, I am part of the design team at AlphaSense, where I've witnessed the company grow from 145 to over 1,500+ employees (and growing). My focus is on enhancing Search & AI across our product, working on Generative AI, and helping to scale our design team.

Before AlphaSense, I was at a crypto exchange startup. There I was part of a small 4 person engineering team that built the entire platform from the ground up in 8 months. The company pivoted to Clear Street, focusing on clearing services.

At Quote Catalog, what started as a freelance gig evolved into a full-time role as a Designer & Front-end Developer. Without backend support, I stepped up to build the API, develop a custom search engine, and implement a DevOps system for scalability. Quote Catalog was my first real exposure to Search Engines and I'm glad today that I'm "designing" search engines instead of building them.

At Salesforce, within the Marketing Cloud team, I transitioned from UI to UX design, eventually leading the design for several mobile apps in social media management.

My journey began at Panelfly, a startup environment that introduced me to the world of digital design. The connections I made there continue to be a part of my professional network.

And finally, at Pratt in Brooklyn, I laid the foundation of my career, learning about graphic and digital design, coding, and motion design. During a summer a Pratt I was given $500 dollars to develop a complete website for a NYC real estate company, and that's how I learned to code.